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this day was about…

  • the new books for our children
  •  the hyacinth and how she blooms (our son has been waiting for 2 days, poured and observed the flower patiently)
  • trying to take some time for me to read and write (at last I had to write some bills)
  • eating „german food“ (überbackene Tortellini mit Spinat) in morroccan style, we all like to eat from one plate :)
  • I still had to photograph our ceramic products today
  • while photgraphing my son took care of the „flowers“ outside
  • we´ve found the first buds this year!
  • we talked about gratitude to Allah, about sharing things with other people (what really is an issue for my son),  why we say „Bismillah“ before we do something and about many other things.
  • we´ve played with this arabic puzzle  and my „little boy“ said : „Alif baa“ and my little girl said: „Aibaa“


  1. Fauz says

    Peace be unto sister, sounds like you have a peaceful and productive day, Alhamdulilah:) Mine was full of sound: conversation, laughter and screaming (coming from my 21 mth old toddler).

  2. alfarascha says

    salamualaikum, yes it was a beautiful day…nothing special but nice:) ..also with a liiitle sunshine and that makes me feel a bit better! of course homeschooling must be an adventure every day anew!?;) warm greetings

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