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at grandfather´s house [family stories]

Gratitude, beauty, humbleness…harshness is what I see and feel when we visit my husband’s grandfather near Beni Mellal in the rural Morocco. The place where my husband´s deceased mother grew up and where my husband spend so much time of his childhood. I never saw a simpler, harder and more beautiful life than this.
I experienced and discovered a new and different way of life. I love the loneliness, love to feel the rest and peace. For me, this is a kind of freedom and yet this sometimes brings me to my limits.

I saw the hard every day work of the Berber women living near the Atlas Mountains and I even saw the provision by God and felt gratitude for what we have.
Early in the morning Aisha (she is wife to the grandfather´s youngest son) wakes up and makes fire, milks the cow, kneads the dough…makes breakfast for the family while the black coffee boils on the fireplace.  She wakes up her two little sons Ismail and Saad, while Khadija (her little daughter) is asleep… its time for the small village school (if the teacher will come, this is not always the case). After a short and simple breakfast Aisha’s husband raises the baskets on the donkey and leaves to collect some wood and branches. Meanwhile, aunt ´Aida feeds the chickens and looks for some eggs, she is one of the oldest daughters of my husband’s grandfather.

Baking bread the Berber way: Aisha makes fire in the handmade clay oven, she waits until there is only ember to bake the bread. Now there is time for a little (just a little) break with Moroccan tea, fresh homemade bread and olive oil… oh never taste such a bread.
But there is not much time…still a lot to do: the clothes must be washed, the meal must be cooked…
Never saw such a poor kitchen? But be sure there is beauty, another kind of beauty. The beauty of simplicity that touches and heals your soul. In the afternoon there is a little time for rest but sure, Aisha is in the kitchen again, chatting with Aida while she is working at a Berber carpet.
And soon its tea-time, sometimes we change it into a picnic-time… drinking tea while having a spectacular view on the mountains. from far away we hear the call to prayer. This is the rhythm of the day, made by the prayer times.

But for a Berber Women there is still so much to do…

ps: I was asked to write my post in English, but please be patient with me.. I need time to correct my mistakes..


  1. Assalamu alaikum,

    mashaALLAH – so viel Grün hätte ich dort gar nicht erwartet!

    Einfach und wunderschön – man fühlt sich Allah ta aala dort sehr nahe und es gibt so wenig Ablenkung vom Gedenken Allahs.
    Ich beglückwünsche dich für die schöne lehrreiche Zeit dort, inshaALLAH wirst du dir diese Momente im Herzen bewahren.

  2. alfarascha says

    wa alaikum salam wa rahmatullah,

    barakallahu fiki, ja es fällt mir jedesmal schwer mich von diesem Ort zu verabschieden…mein Wunsch ist es irgendwann einmal dort bleiben zu können-inschaAllah.


  3. Khadija says

    salaam ou alaykoum,

    mashallah was hast du das super schön beschrieben. Beim lesen und die Fotos, ich kriegte wirklich gänzehaut, echt.

    Ich bin froh dass ich dein Blog gefunden habe. Very inspiring, keep up the good work!

    Ich hoffe wir können uns Bald treffen inshallah.


  4. alfarascha says

    wa alaikum salam wa rahmatullah,

    oh es freut mich dass du hergefunden hast! Ja bis ganz bald inschaAllah, hab schon paar mal angesetzt dir zu schreiben, aber dann kam wieder und wieder was dazwischen;)

    bis bald!!


  5. salam alaikum wa rahmatullah liebe schwester

    schön, deinen Blog gefunden zu haben! sag mal, lebst du in Beni Mellal?! Ich war noch nie da, mein Mann lebt aber momentan (noch) dort – in Ait Bougamez war ich hingegen schon :) tolle Bilder hast du hier!

    Wassalamu alaikum wa rahmatullah

    • wa alaikum salam wa rahmatullah,
      danke und es freut mich dass du hergefunden hast. mein mann kommt aus tadla, das liegt bei beni mellal und ein teil der familie wohnt auch in beni mellal. ja ait bouguemez ist einfach ein besuch besuch wert, nicht?

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