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moments of a day # I

I feel like a hedgehog crawling out of his nest into a huge mountain of work:) and indeed I´m searching for strategies to create my life more peaceful..more organized..I mean in terms of work :)

I remember a lecture at my University: „Strategien zur Stressbewältigung“ [strategies of coping with stress]..believe me, I do not remember a single strategie [but perhaps because they were simply useless?:)] What are your strategies [do you have any strategies at all]?

…and if I had a wish, I would sit there right now…

…on the terrace at the „old house“.
Wishing you a wonderful week, full of power and energy…
Allahumma la sahla ila ma dscha´altahu sahlan wa anta tadscha´alu al-haßna itha shi´ta sahlan.


  1. Ich bewältige Stress, indem ich gar nichts tu. Atmen, Brot backen, faul sein, Stricken…Ich delegiere Aufgaben an andere, sage Termine ab und versuche mich zu entlasten.

  2. @little moments: thanks:)
    @jademondin: das ist gut;)leider sind momentan einfach alle krank hier:(niemand der mich/uns entlasten könnte. aber ich denke solche zeiten gibt es einfach manchmal..ich hoffe es wird bald besser.
    @Ruth: love this place too;)
    @Umm Maimoonah: thats so true and exactly what I think..also reading the Quran is a way to heal your heart/soul..
    Marrecue: ja, wünschte ich wäre dort;)


  3. Alles, alles Liebe zu dir. Und viiiiieeel Kraft zum Durchhalten. Es wird wieder besser :)
    Eine liebe Umarmung schick ich dir (und ein paar Heinzelmännchen die wenigstens den Haushalt erledigen *grins*). maria

  4. Hi..strategies for work. Prioritise is number one. Then work out how much time you want to spend on each task. After that apply all your energies to the task at hand and steadily work your way through. Also see if you can organise to postpone some tasks and make your load lighter. If that is not possible then stick closely to your timetable and realise that there are only 24 hours in a day, you need to eat and sleep and have time to wind down. And Pray!

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