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Small things and little moments

in Ramadan 1432
Time seems to slow down a little bit… precious time
for rest and peace
and I wonder how time flies by

I remember this rose [one year ago] this year her leaves are falling down early than last year.

Little moments make a day special, isn´t it so? I see this smile on my children´s faces [even if it is just about making my son´s favorite waffles] and I know this is one of the most beautiful moments of a day.

And I watch my daughter how she experiences and cares and I know this is one of the most beautiful moments of a day.

Small things make the sum.

I wish you all a lot of special moments;)


  1. Schöne Augenblicke hast du da eingefangen!! Und ich wünsche dir auch weiterhin die Feinfühligkeit für all die besonderen Momente im Leben. Liebe Grüsse Pia

  2. what a beautiful post…and I completly agree…thats why my blog is called little moments…I have albums of all the important big things happening but my blog is for those little moments that sometimes even go unoticed, photos that dont make it to the albums but yet so full of memories….I might link to this post of yours if ever I get it done to do „about“ page on the blog if thats ok …much love

  3. kirschkernzeit says

    Wie wunderschön! Ich hab alle deine Posts noch nachgelesen, die ich verpasst hab in meiner… kleinen Halbwegs-Pause;-) Und ich bin… beeindruckt von der Schönheit, die einem aus jedem Post entgegenstrahlt! Auch dein Blogdesign, einfach traumhaft schön! Genau die die Bilder heute… so einfach und trotzdem wie kleine Kunstwerke aus Eindrücken…
    Ganz herzlich

  4. @Pia: das wünsch ich dir auch! Danke!
    @little moments: yes that was exactly what I thought when writing this post and I also thought of your blog, I really love your blog;) and it would be a great honor for me if you would like to link to my post:))
    @kirschkernzeit: es ist schön dass du dir deine pausen gönnst! und ich freu mich dennoch dass du ein wenig stöbern warst bei mir;) ich danke dir für deine lieben worte!!
    @fruitful fusion:thanks! may Allah grant us with more beautiful and special moments, all thanks is to God.

  5. Wow. This is just a feel good post. I loved the feelings hat washed over me as I read your post. Sigh. Glad I passed by. Last few days of Ramadan and then Eid. Preparations are in full swing I suppose. Some pictures from that day please. I would like that. :) Especially from the kitchen!! :)

  6. @Pradeepa: thank you Pradeepa
    @kreativberg: ja das tut er;)
    @Zeba: glad you like to read it;)inschaAllah I´ll find time to take some shots;)
    @Renaade: danke:)

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